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Real Estate Floor Plans

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, our professional black-and-white schematic floor plans are perfect for any property!

At Canada 3D, we know the importance of superior-quality floor plans and the value they have on a listing. Floor plans provide an understanding of how a space will work. They quickly convey how the home flows, showing room sizes, which way doors swing, and storage space. Viewers gain an appreciation of where windows are and how the light will brighten a home that may not be immediately apparent from just still photos or a video.

While sellers are wowed by the immersive 3D Virtual Tour, they still expect you use traditional marketing methods like Floor Plans. Buyers (and especially new homeowners) have come to depend on Floor Plans to visualize the space. Floor Plans are also great for offline use.

Schematic Floor Plans add to your marketing portfolio, create a complete listing presentation, acquire new sellers, engage more buyers, and ultimately lead to more sales.

Every Canada 3D tours comes with floor plans in both online and printable formats (JPG, DXF, PDF, and SVG) to drive engagement and increase share-ability.

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